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  Submission Guidelines

  Send case manuscripts for review to:


  As soon as your submission is tentatively accepted for publication, the primary author will receive detailed guidelines and
  instructions for the preparation of the Abstract, Case and Teaching Note.

  • Microsoft Word is the only acceptable format.
  • Manuscripts must be double-spaced with 1st margins.
  • All tables, figures and art work must be incorporated into the manuscript or appropriately acknowledged as to location. (NOTE: The AAC does not use Exhibits: it is either a Table or a Figure.)
  • Permission letters for the use of material that has previously been copy-right must be submitted at this time. (NOTE: If it belongs to someone else or has been adapted from someone else, appropriate citation must be given.)
  • Authors must take a separate sheet describing their present position, organization and a short profile with their mailing and email addresses and contact telephone numbers.
  • AAC strictly adheres to all Copyright Laws and Regulations. It is the authors(s) responsibility to ensure that all copyright and other approvals are obtained prior to the submission of the case manuscript.

  If submitting electronically-

  You must send the following in separate files:

  • Case (NOTE: There should be absolutely no reference to the author, co-authors, their affiliations etc., on the case or TN.)
  • Teaching Note
  • Letter of transmittal
  • Statement of pre-submission class room experience
  • Permissions and Authorizations

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